Our Mission

JCL Group’s mission is to perform the highest level of quality Maintenace, Off the Grid and Waterproofing Solutions to our customers at fair and competitive market related prices whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality workmanship and safety to our employees, clients and their personelle.

Our Vision

At JCL Group we strive to be the leader and contractor of choice in the General Maintenance, Off the Grid Solutions and Waterproofing sectors within the Gauteng region, serving the Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors.

Our Values

Quality and attention to detail: We will ensure that we work to the highest of standards at all times and keep a keen eye on attention to detail on all our projects

Competitive and Professional: We are professional in all aspects of our work ensuring high standards of work at market related pricing

Accountable and Responsible: Whilst ensuring results, we focus on the 100:0 principle. 100% Accountability and Responsibilty with 0% Excuses.

Continuous Improvement: Regular adaptation to the changing world ensures that our teams are always trained on the latest innovations and methods in order to ensure quality work

Employee and Client safety: Ensuring our staff and Clients safety is of the utmost importance to JCL Group. We will ensure that all safety standards, procedures and equipment are adhered to and used at all times.

Home Improvement Since 2020

General Home Maintenance can be something As small as a blocked gutter down pipe causing major issues and damage to your property.

No job is to big or to small for the JCL team.

Contact us for all your General Home Maintenance, Home Improvements and Off the Grid solution needs.

When Building am Empire there is No such thing as Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00.

It takes commitment and Dedication 24/7.

Remaining focused on your vision and end goal and ensuring that you work as hard as you can to obtain that goal.

Everything you need to Build a Better Home

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